About us

About Us

Welcome to Trent Glass, the world leading supplier of Toughened Vacuum glass and Fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane (FRPU) frames.

VacuGlaze™ Tempered Vacuum Glass is the world's most insulated glazing product. The single-finger thick tempered vacuum glass has a thermal insulation effect of more than a one-meter-thick brick wall, the thermal insulation performance is a few times higher than that of ordinary insulating glass, and the service life is twice that of standard double glazing.

VacuGlaze™ separates the two panes of glass with a 0.4 mm support and seals the edges of the two glass sheets with low melting point glass to separate the vacuum from the air. The vacuum space between the panes of glass has an extra-low atmospheric pressure of 0.0001 Pa. As for the high vacuum degree, heat convection has been eliminated and heat conduction has been reduced to almost zero. The LOW-E layer reflects more than 95% of the infrared radiation, therefore the heat between the inner and outer glass panels cannot be exchanged. This achieves excellent thermal insulation.

VacuGlaze™ placed a vacuum eye around a fingernail size made of sodium which is super reactive in the presence of oxygen.

When the internal vacuum degree is constant, the colour of the vacuum eye remains unchanged. When the degree of vacuum drops, the vacuum eye starts to change colour and eventually cracks and disappears. The disappearance of the vacuum eye indicates that the conduction and convection in the glass are significantly increase. It also suggests that the LOW-E film will soon be oxidized and that the radiation heat transfer will be increased considerably, meaning that the glass's thermal insulation is failing. Users can monitor the life of their windows at any time through this vacuum eye.