Technological innovation

Technological innovation

Resistance to nine-stage wind pressure

Half the thickness of the insulating glass, the wind pressure is up to the highest level of the national standard; twice the insulating glass.

Tempered vacuum glass is an ultra-thin material formed by joining two tempered glass and titanium alloy under atmospheric pressure. It has a high resistance to deformation under the action of external forces. Our industrial tempered vacuum glass technology has improved its wind pressure resistance and strength, far superior to ordinary vacuum glass and argon-filled tempered LOW-E insulating glass.

The Longwang tempered vacuum glass was installed in the test room. The indoor and outdoor temperature was 100 °C, and the continuous test was 385 days. The tempered vacuum glass was intact without damage, and the deformation was only 1%; the ultra-high insulation performance remained unchanged.

This shows that tempered vacuum glass can be safely used in different harsh environments around the world, becoming a true super glass.

Longwang tempered vacuum glass sound insulation ability is better than ordinary insulating glass which is around 11 decibels. The maximum sound insulation of a single piece of tempered vacuum glass can reach 41 decibels. According to the different needs of users, we can make hollow or laminated glass to make the world's most ultra-quiet transparent glass with sound insulation performance.

Tempered vacuum glass keeps you away from noise hazards.

Longwang Company can also provide you with composite hollow glass, composite laminated glass, composite display glass, composite dimming glass, composite solar power glass, etc. outside of tempered vacuum glass according to your special needs. Let's work together to change life with technology.