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Vacuum eye – Trent Glass F and E Industry

Vacuum eye

Vacuum eye

The current windows are getting more and more expensive, and there is a need to knowif the glass is leaking during use? There is no simple and feasible means of judging this, either by users or manufacturers (a window will not save energy after leaking). A householder cannot use expensive and complicated professional testing instruments to monitor every piece of glass every day. This leads to a large number of inferior products flooding the market, and the social energy consumption is high, and users have troubles.
Fifteen years ago, we conquered this worldwide problem: in the field of view of tempered vacuum glass, the vacuum eye of this fingernail size was successfully set. When the internal vacuum is constant, the vacuum eye remains unchanged. When the degree of vacuum drops, the vacuum eye becomes small. When the vacuum disappears (when the vacuum glass leaks), the vacuum eye disappears. The disappearance of the vacuum eye indicates that the conduction and convection in the glass are greatly increased; it also indicates that the LOW-E film will soon be oxidized and the radiation heat transfer will be greatly increased; that is, the glass fails. At present, only the Longwang products have the intimate design of vacuum eye (already applied for invention patents and trademarks), so that users can monitor the life of their windows at any time.

Longwang tempered vacuum glass, a true conscience product.

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